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Value Added Monitoring

Measure the Immeasurable


How StrategyMap Works

Many Applications


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StrategyMapTM online tools enable the effective management
of the previously intangible or ‘hard to measure'.

In less than 90 days these key areas can be dramatically improved:

Customer Acquisition

  • Manage the activities that increase sales results.

Customer Service

  • Real-time monitoring of customer and distributor relationships.

Strategy Execution

  • Real-time link between strategic goals, activities and results.


  • Internal, external, vendors and customers.

Effect of Incentives

  • Gain control and visibility into the results of incentive programs. Inquire

StrategyMap Inc. provides a new way to create value and find cost savings in your organization. Hidden root causes of problems are uncovered, corrected and savings documented. StrategyMap monitors the activities that create value in your organization and across the entire value chain. It is not cost cutting or classic efficiency improvement analysis. StrategyMap enables companies to find and take advantage of efficiency and cost savings in areas that traditionally have not been tapped. These areas have not been tapped because they have been difficult to measure. Companies need to measure something in order to manage it. StrategyMap empowers companies to now measure the many areas that were not possible before. It can be very enlightening how obvious the steps that need to be taken to achieve cost savings or solve problems are, once you achieve measurable visibility.

StrategyMap not only allows you to measure, but you can also monitor in real time. Now you can not only discover efficiency, value, and cost savings in new areas, but you can gain control by continually monitoring these areas into the future. You can monitor ‘macro’company wide areas; such as, the corporate core strategies of continuous improvement or innovation, in addition to ‘micro’issues; such as, customer service levels with a specific customer. You will be able to see the effects and financial results of policy changes, or investments that you make in any of these areas in real-time. StrategyMap is so easy to use via email and the web, that measuring and monitoring can easily be extended to the whole value chain of customers, vendors and distributors. Success measure tracking for the value chain can be put in place in days.


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