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Refocus is an extremely easy to use software package that allows the value improvement techniques to be applied to virtually any product, service, or process.

Since entering data in the software is very easy, the key to its effective use is knowing how to perform the techniques of Value Analysis, and Problems & Solutions Analysis.

The Virtual Guide is an easy to use guide which will quickly have you up and running in Refocus. The Virtual Guide includes Method Guides, Tutorials, and many video clips so that you ca not just read, but see and hear how Refocus works. Below is an example screen for the opening screen of the Virtual Guide, and a sample of the video browse screen.

click here for sample screen

Opening Screen of the Virtual Guide

click here for sample screen

Virtual Guide Video Browse Screen

The ‘Virtual Guide’ has several features that allow quick and effective training in the techniques and use of the system and methodologies:

  • Video Help: the help system includes many of video clips on the CD ROM so that the user can see & hear how to perform tasks and the tutorials.
  • Reference Guide: all system uses, such as; backing up data, creating custom reports, etc. are covered
  • On-Line Tutorials: a sample database is included with the tutorials so the user can go through step by step

Uses of the system

  • Method Guides: show a high level outline of how to perform many different types of projects
  • Search Capability: The Virtual Guide is accessible from anywhere in Refocus and has quick and easy search capability to find any topic in the help.


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