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The core modules of the Refocus system are the Value Analysis, and Problems & Solutions Analysis modules.

Value Analysis Module: Allows you to determine how much the ‘value elements’ (benefits) of a product, service or process cost to provide, and how their cost matches the value the customer places on them.

Problems & Solutions Module: Allows problems to be entered, defined, ranked. Then solutions to the problems are entered, defined, ranked, and implemented. Supporting modules which aid in overall information tracking and project management.

Project Management: Provides central screen for accessing all related information about a project.

Document Linking: Allows documents such as; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Refocus Diagrams, Visio Diagrams, etc. to be linked to any item in Refocus for easy tracking and instant viewing.

Contact Management: Allows the tracking of people and companies

Business Management: Screen for tracking all products, services, processes, and projects related to a business or ‘entity’ of any type.

Action Item Tracking: Allows action items to be entered that need to be done for completing projects

Sales Opportunity Management: System for modeling a ‘sales pipeline’ for doing sales process improvement projects.

Strategy Topics: Allows entry and ranking of a list of ‘Strategy Topics’ for new product development

General Features:

Notes: Text notes can be tagged to any item in Refocus.

Import/export: Refocus allows the complete transferring of data between refocus users. Refocus also allows all displayed information to be exported directly into popular formats, such as; Microsoft Excel, Lotus 123, text, etc..

Multi Database: Refocus allows you to quickly and easily switch between multiple databases. You can have many projects in one database, or have a database dedicated to a specific project or customer.

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