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Refocus Features print this page

Refocus is a windows based software package specifically designed for performing value improvement projects on products, services, and processes.

What Refocus provides

  • Easy-to-use template for executing and tracking Value Analysis projects
  • Training guide with CD ROM based video help system
  • Means of communicating project information electronically or with printouts
  • Allows organization of all related documents with document linking
  • Database of issues and results
  • Allows projects to be organized even if there are unforeseen delays
  • Tools for comparing and choosing the best solutions
  • Tools for tracking the implementation of improvements

Refocus combines software with an extensive on line help system called the ‘Virtual Guide’ for guiding the user through value improvement projects. The ‘Virtual Guide’ help system also has hundreds of video clips on the included CD ROM so the user can see & hear the help topics.


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