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Orchestrate Teams
to Execute Strategies

Implementing Core
Strategies Across Your Organization

Early Warning System

Success Measures

Orchestrate Teams to Execute Strategies
Better, Faster and More Profitably

StrategyMapTMenables companies to get the information they need, when they need it, to manage activities towards strategic results.

StrategyMap gives your organization a real-time link between strategic goals, activities and results. Now you can achieve more because you can have visibility into the execution of the activities that cause achievement of corporate performance.

StrategyMap will allow monitoring and management across the whole value chain. You start with an overall strategy for the company, division, orinitiative. It will most likely resemble a variation of the following:

StrategyMap can:

  • Make the plan real
  • Make the plan measurable so it can be monitored
  • Provide macro or micro level metrics tracking

Most strategic plans lose accountability where the rubber meets the road; the ‘action items’people are going to do. Usually, a large list of tasks or to doitems comes from the initiatives, but they are seldom put into a form that will change the behavior ofindividuals. StrategyMap enables you to make that list measurable and choose the highest impact measures to monitor. This will guide your direction towards accomplishing the activities that will most drive success towards your initiatives, goals, and ultimately mission. StrategyMap gives astructure to your change initiative.

StrategyMap performance maps are so flexible and easy to set up,that you may create one to track:

  • A specific manager tracking own key success measures for his/herdepartment
  • Special ‘hot issue’tracking some critical items for only a few months

StrategyMap allows you to monitor the incremental change that must occur over time, to align an origination to it’s goals.

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