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Monitor Sales Plan
Monitor Sales Team Effectiveness
Easy as 1-2-3 to
Set Up and Use
    -Activity Gathering
    -Flag Critical Activities
    -Follow Up and Coaching






Increase Sales Team Effectiveness

Monitor Sales Team Effectiveness

Sales Activity Monitoring (SAM) allows a quick view into of the critical balance of activities sales people must do to move potential customers through the sales cycle. The sales people enter their activity data daily, or during the week. The system will then add up point totals for different activities (points can be set by the sales management), so the sales manager can see an overall view of the activities accomplished to keep the sales funnel full and moving towards getting the maximum number of sales. This view of information helps the sales manager proactively coach sales people towards greater success.

We enter the names of the sales people and the sales cycle steps for the product or service. The names will display on the team map that will be visible to the sales manager. This is where ‘flags’will show up to highlight positive or negative activity levels based on the points and rules for each weeks activity.


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