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Implementing Core
Strategies Across Your Organization

Early Warning System

Success Measures

Monitor Key Success Drivers

Early Warning System

StategyMap’s rules based Early Warning System (EWS) flags red, yellow, or green when measurements reach thresholds that you set up for your specific needs. The Early Warning System automatically gathers and analyzes information and generates flags that highlight critical issues based on your goals. This ability to manage by exception enables managers to take action that guides the organization towards successful implementation of corporate, division, or specific initiative goals.

The Early Warning System uses Performance Improvement Questionnaires (PIQ’s) to gather data directly from people. This flexible system allows you to easilycreate questionnaires and send them periodically to people in order to gather the right information. Since all that is needed is a web browser, and/or e-mail to use the system, there are no geographic boundaries and monitoring can be put in place in minutes. StrategyMap can also gather data from data sources, but we have found that even when you want to hook to a data source, it makessense to create a quick PIQ first so you can immediately start to implement tracking and not have to wait for the IT department to set up the necessary links. You can also prototype easily so you know which measures are effective before investing in the time for the IT staff to create the links.


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