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Value Added Monitoring

Measure the Immeasurable


How StrategyMap Works

Many Applications


Measure the Immeasurable

StrategyMapTM enables companies to
measure and monitor the previously immeasurable.

Hard to Monitor & Measure

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Vendor Management Communication
  • Training
  • Human Capital

Typically Monitored

  • Accounting Systems
  • Contact Managers
  • Inventory Systems
  • Other Tracking

StrategyMap is to managers/executives as Excel is to accountants. It is used to measure human capital and activities where Excel is used to measure financial capital.

StrategyMap is a flexible web based platform that easily automates and gathers real-time outcome information across the entire value chain. In the old days, accountants spent weeks and even months putting together financial data. Today's managers spend the same amount of time correlating and combing various reports and inputs on the human issues that impact value for the customer. StrategyMap automates and simplifies that job to where now it can be done in real-time across any geographic area, with much better accuracy and impact.


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