Many Applications

StrategyMap is used to improve and monitor many different areas.

Examples include:

Customer Satisfaction

  • Real time service levels
  • Call Center responsiveness
  • Value chain effectiveness

Customer Acquisition

  • Sales Activity Effectiveness

Strategy Execution

  • Real time feedback on goal achievement
  • For one initiative or company high level strategic goals


  • Discover and fix problems

Monitoring the complete Value Chain

  • Success factors from manufacturer to customer

Human Capital ROI tracking

  • Effect of incentives
  • Employee retention

Health Care Patient Relationship

  • Health factor monitoring
  • Patient safety

Quality of Education and training
Value added service for your customers
Alliance Management

StrategyMap’s proprietary system allows companies to measure, monitor, and manage previously ‘hard to measure’activities that significantly impact bottom line performance. For more detailed information on how StrategyMap can improve your business profitability, or a free needs analysis, call us at (312) 832-1140.