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StrategyMaptm makes sure the key things you want your team to get done, do get done. We provide managers with the ability to stay in touch with people across the whole value chain, automatically monitoring and reporting on the status of key success drivers related to achievement of their specific goals.

We offer our customers low cost web based solutions that:
Generate Revenue:

Offer enhanced services to your customers


Increase Sales Results


Improve Customer Service

Reduce Costs:

Identify and solve 'hard to measure' issues


Efficiency of management and contact/feedback across the whole value chain


Prove the Return on Investment for your Human Capital improvement activities



We serve all types of organizations that are looking to execute change initiatives by staying in touch with the people that are operating in their value chains by automating the "management by walking around" process.

Applications start for as low as $50/month.
Consulting Tune up packages starting at $1500 in specific application areas, such as:


Customer Service


Core Strategies Execution


Key Process Effectiveness

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Top 5 reasons to use this system:
5. You trust managers, but you need to verify that things are being accomplished more quickly and proactively.
4. You manage by asking the right questions and would like a system that can help you do that.
3. Strategy and real-time results of that strategy should be visible to everyone in the company.
2. So easy and flexible, any company should use it.
And the top reason to use this system is:
1. By the time you get your financial reports, it's too late to fix anything!!


Increase Sales Team Effectiveness

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Start Monitoring Your Key Success Drivers

Increase Revenue by Offering Monitoring Services to Your Customers

Be in touch with your entire Value Chain

Customer Service Tune Up

Core Strategies Tune Up

Many More Applications



SBC benefits from StrategyMap
Business Activity Monitoring solution

The New Freedom Awards, Inc. becomes sponsor
of Freedom Awards through
Jim Mullen Foundation

Tempo Award Win

NIQC Conference


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