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Early Warning System

  • StrategyMap’s Early Warning System automatically identifies and notifies managers of customer problems or successes, in real-time.
  • Monitor customer service success factors.

The combination of StrategyMap’s measuring capability with its automatic, rules based monitoring creates a powerful early warning system that can flag bad or good occurrences that require follow up. StrategyMap allows the quick and easy setting up of performance measures. You can define any performance measure you would like to track, and the system is so fast and easy, that you can adjust and refine the measures around until you get them just right. Data is gathered by the Performance Improvement Questionnaires that are also quickly and easily set up in the system. They require no programming or technical knowledge to set up and are sent to people to fill in via email or the web, or both. Anyone who has access to a web browser and/or email can be asked by the system for information. PIQ’s are scheduled to go out on a one time basis, or periodically as the particular measure would require. After PIQ’s gather the data (direct links to databases can also be set up), the StrategyMap rules system will give you early warning of issues by raising red, yellow, or green flags based on the answers. By clicking on any heading or flag you can drill down to the supporting data and find out who,why, and for what reasons the flag was generated. This ability to manage by exception allows managers or customer service reps to be flagged immediately about red (urgent matter with customer) or green (could be request for repurchase) occurrences so they can be followed up on. celeb porn


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