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Value Added Monitoring

Measure the Immeasurable


How StrategyMap Works

Many Applications

How StrategyMap Works

1. Inquire

  • Ask the right questions
  • Gather the correct information automatically
  • Proactively uncover issues

System allows you to create and send PIQs ( performance improvement questionnaires) via email or the web in order to gather information related to your success factors, measures, or goals.

2. Discover

  • The root causes of difficult problems
  • The drivers of strategic goals
  • Behaviors and actions related to positive or negative occurrences

System uncovers and flags the issues that cause good or bad performance based on rules you put in. StrategyMap shows the relationship of these activities to the success factors which uncovers roots of problems and untangles complicated issues.

3. Achieve

  • Take action on issues
  • Document problems and solutions
  • Track savings & results
  • Understand and document return on investment

System tracks the activities that are done to address the newly uncovered issues. Once they are discovered it is often obvious what actions are needed to correct them. StrategyMap tracks the type of problems, their solutions and the resulting dollar savings achieved. In addition, a knowledge base of problems and solutions is created that can be used in the future as a reference for others.



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