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StrategyMap Services

StrategyMap online tools can be used by your own customer service experts with very little training since the system is extremely easy to use. However, some clients would like help in determining the attributes of customer service, analyzing the value of products or services to customers, and a variety of other ‘survey’ and data analysis of individual and group activities. We can offer any level of support or can offer ‘tune up packages’ based on the services and budget requirements. Consulting packages can get you going very fast and economically while giving your staff the skills to monitor customer service in many creative areas going into the future.

Sample Customer Service Tune Up activities to choose from:

  1. Refine the list of customer service attributes you may already have.

    1. Perform some research and interviews with key or representative customers to discover and verify the most important service attributes to them.

    2. Can do a ‘value analysis’ with a customer or group of customer representatives to determine the value of each function your product or service provides to them.

    3. Customer service attribute ranking vs. competitors

    4. Operational analysis of the ability of the organization to deliver stated customer service levels (can set up monitoring of operational success factors).

    5. Process analysis of key customer support processes.

  2. Setup customer service monitoring with select customers to gain visibility into customer service capabilities on an ongoing basis.

  3. Roll out monitoring to individual or groups of customers as measures and attributes are refined.

  4. Analyze results to further solidify the relationships between the value provided to your customers for each attribute and the effect on Referrals, Retention, and Repurchasing.

  5. Measure the increases in numbers of customers, profitability per customer, and increases in referrals. Achieve proven and documented Return on Investment savings from increased customer service capabilities.

StrategyMap’s system allows companies to measure, monitor, and manage previously ‘hard to measure’ activities that significantly impact bottom line performance. For a free needs analysis or to request more detailed information on how StrategyMap can significantly improve results in your customer satisfaction and service levels, call us at (312) 832-1140.


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