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Monitor Sales Plan
Monitor Sales Team Effectiveness
Easy as 1-2-3 to
Set Up and Use
    -Activity Gathering
    -Flag Critical Activities
    -Follow Up and Coaching




Increase Sales Team Effectiveness

Follow up and Coaching

Now the sales manager can view the SAM report, which is typically used during the weekly sales meeting with the sales person.

Diagram 8 shows the SAM report which gives the activity details and the weighted averages based on the points. Typically sales managers get used to how many total weekly points a person needs to have to be maintaining successful activity. Also, the manager can quickly see great, or not so great performance in any of the activity areas. Proactive coaching can now be used to help the sales person adjust to be ‘on target’with the balance of activities needed to drive sales to their close the most successfully.

The sales manager now has the visibility on a weekly basis, to correlate activity with results. The manager also can see outstanding performance and help the other sales people to learn from the best performers. Automating this process saves hours of time per week in gathering and correlating data alone.

For sales mangers on the go, (and which ones aren’t), the system allows you to take your data with you in a familiar format. Diagram 9 displays the SAM report after instantly downloading it to an Excel Sheet on the sales manager’s laptop. Any formulas, graphs, etc., can now be added by the sales manger to do further analysis on the data. This allows the flexibility of the web without being tied to a web connection.

Diagram 9

StrategyMap Benefits:

  • Web based for instant use.
  • Scalable for use with one person, or for enterprise wide improvement programs.
  • Users only need access to web browser and e-mail to use.
  • Almost zero training needs for users.
  • Seamlessly crosses geographic and company boundaries

StrategyMap’s system allows companies to measure, monitor, and manage previously ‘hard to measure’activities that significantly impact bottom line performance. For a free needs analysis or to request more detailed information on how StrategyMap can significantly improve results in your sales activities, call us at (312) 832-1140.


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