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Monitor Sales Plan
Monitor Sales Team Effectiveness
Easy as 1-2-3 to
Set Up and Use
    -Activity Gathering
    -Flag Critical Activities
    -Follow Up and Coaching




Increase Sales Team Effectiveness

Flag Critical Activities

After the salespeople have entered their data for the week’s activity, the team map will be automatically sent via email to the sales manager for review. On the team map, the manager picked the most important activities he or she wanted to monitor on the team map. This allows a view of the whole team at once and gives a relative impression of how the team is doing for the week.

The early warning system lets you set up rules that will automatically generate red yellow or green flags based on each team members activity. For example, you may set up a green flag to show up if anyone sells 2 items in a week, or you may set up a red flag if a person scheduled less than 2 appointments in a week. You can set up, and change,rules based on your sales management judgment, and also the results of the best performers in the team. This gives you a quick, overall view of the outstanding, or problem areas your team is experiencing during the week, in regard to their activity. You can drill down into the details of the reasons for the flags. This ability to manage by exception gives you a ‘fine tuning’capability to be able to proactively coach instead of spending time compiling and analyzing data.

All initiatives will have a range of Success Measures.

Savings and ROI can be determined after red flag issues have been clearly identified and eliminated.





Diagram 6 displays how StrategyMap will automatically flag red, yellow or green to designated personnel as often as needed to provide visibility as to what happened and why, whether good or bad.

In the example above, we put in a rule that said to 'show me a red flag if the total quotes for the week is less than 5'.

By clicking on the label 'Increase Quotes', in diagram 6, the manager can drill down to the data to see how many quotes were done on each day. This allows instant viewing of activity detail for critical sales activity information.


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