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Automatic Monitoring

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Automatic Monitoring of:
  • Almost any activity that takes effort, time and/or expense can benefit by setting up even a very simple and quick automatically monitored strategymap

Projects and Initiatives

  • Issues that a manager wants to look out for at the beginning of a project can be automatically and instantly be uncovered
  • Sorts through the limitations of email and voice mail communication with only the project manager or leader.

Customer Service

  • Automatically monitoring the success of your company's product or service with customers adds incredible opportunity to address customer issues for much lower cost.
  • When customers purchase from your company, they will agree and see it as added value to have monitoring to ensure they get the value they pay for
  •, Inc. provides several complementary products to analyze, communicate, and monitor your customers
  • Many times, communicating your strategy is effectively is paramount to success of customers use of your product or service

Governance Issues

  • The responsibility to ask the correct questions is key to the governance duties of boards, chairmen, and executives
  •, Inc.'s products allow a 'low time intensive' way to gather the answers to important governance questions, and automatically notify if there is a problem
  • Keeps history of the answers to important governance questions

Consulting Engagements

  • At the end of a consulting engagement, everyone is excited to implement and realize the benefits of the consulting but are afraid that when the consultants leave, so will the motivation.
  • StrategyMap allows the teams to put together the 'warnings' or 'flags' that will signal that the implementation is realizing it's goals
  • Automatic notification, based on the initially set rules, means that consultants can be on another engagement and be made aware that a customer needs some more input
  • StrategyMap and Early Warning System monitoring adds value to the methodologies a consulting firm employs at customers because it helps ensure success, and realization of the return on investment of the consulting engagement

Vendor Relationships

  • Vendors can be brought in synch with a unified set of goals with your company.
  • Dramatically cuts down on the time it normally takes to ensure that vendors are accomplishing and delivering value according to the original plan
  • Questions can be automatically asked to key people at vendors in addition to measuring performance measures from data sources.

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