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Monitor Sales Plan
Monitor Sales Team Effectiveness
Easy as 1-2-3 to
Set Up and Use
    -Activity Gathering
    -Flag Critical Activities
    -Follow Up and Coaching



Increase Sales Team Effectiveness

Activity Gathering

Questions Points
Enter number of lobby calls for: 1.0
Enter number of lobby sit-downs for: 5.0
Enter number of broadcast-faxes sent for: 0.2
Enter number of phone cold calls: 1.0
Enter phone appointments (good contacts) for: 5.0
Enter number of future meetings set on: 5.0
Enter number of scheduled meetings run for: 5.0
Enter number of quotes for: 20.0
Enter number of sales for: 30.0

Set up the data gathering by creating a customized Performance Improvement Questionnaire (PIQ) that the sales reps will use to enter their daily and weekly activity. It is customizable so you enter what ever sales steps are appropriate to your sales cycle. You can also put in point values for each step since some activities are more important than others. For example you can see in diagram x below, that a cold call is 1 point but delivering a quote to a prospect will be 20 points.


The system will create a data entry PIQ for the sales people to enter their daily activity into. They can access the entry screen through an email link they will receive daily, or they can log on from any web browser to enter their activity. The information remains in the screen all week so it can be changed or previous days can be entered if a sales person is traveling or otherwise can’t enter on a certain day. If need be, the data could be entered by someoneother than the sales person but that is very rare. This entry is customizable by the manager or administrator so that it can be added to or changed as the need arises, and other PIQ’s can be used for other tracking (e.g. total dollar opportunities once a month)at the managers discretion. Some clients want to track certain activity daily, some weekly, monthly or on certain dates. The system can automatically send a data entry form to the sales reps on a certain frequency or on certain dates.


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